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We want you to know a small sample of the spirits, wines and beers  that we offer you as an ideal complement to our entire variety of meat products...


We have a wide variety of national and imported wines, for all tastes and pairings. At La Nacional it is not just about offering you excellent meats but also the perfect accompaniments or, why not, the protagonists of special moments.

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz 

Penfolds Hyland Cabernet Sauvignon

Penfolds Hyland Shiraz 

Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz

Penfolds Bin 138 Shiraz Grenache Mataro

Penfolds Bin 28 Kalima Shiraz

Fox Creek Red Baron

Camelot Merlot California

Fox Creek Duet Cabernet - Merlot

Domaine Houchart Cortes de Provence Rosé

Protos Ribera Duero Rosé

Marquis of Cáceres Rioja Rosé

Haza County Breeding

Cecchi Chianti

Peseta Do Toro

Sangria Lolea No.1

Soviano Gift

Sangiovese Dell Umbria Rose

Red Wine Mina Velha 2013

Red Wine Mina Velha Selection 2011

Cecchi Chianti Reserva Di Famiglia

Fox Creek Short Row Shiraz

McGuigan Private Bin Shiraz

Maset Syrah Reserva

Sierra Batuco Reserve Carmenere

McGuigan Private Bin Merlot

Wine Mina Velha Rose 2014

Viña Pomal Reserve Wine

Wine Viña Pomal Crianza

Penfolds Koonunga-Hill Chardonnay

Matua Pinot Noir-Marlborough Wine

Estancia Mendoza Malbec Oak Vineyards

Quinta De S.Sebastiao Reserve

Paternon Red Band

Paternina Blue Band

Sangria Lolea 2 Clarea

Luca Malbec

luca syrah

Lucas Pinot Noir

Marquis of Cáceres Bio Ecological

Gazur-Telmo Rodríguez Tempranillo

Estancia Mendoza Bonarda

Lz Telmo ROdríguez Tempranillo

M2 of Matallana Telmo Tempranillo

Calamaco Malbec Classic

Dialogue Tinto Niepoort

Alma Mora Malbec

Estancia Mendoza Merlot Malbec 375

Intis Merlot Malbec

Estancia Mendoza Chardonnay, Cherin

Dehesa Telmo Rodríguez


What a delight a pola!, but in La Nacional. Blonde, golden, black, imported or national; a good beer at the end of the afternoon on our terrace or accompanying a good meat. Meet our variety to drink or take home.

3 Mestizo Mountain Ranges
Stella Artois
Paulaner Naturtrub
BBC Monserrate Red
Galician Star
Reserve 1906
London Pride
Barcelona Star
Daura Damm
Hofbrau Weizen
Hofbrau Munchen Original
Erdinger Weissbier
Corona beer
Inedit Damm
erdinger dunkel
Czechvar Original
Delirium tremens
Licher Weizen
Blanche of Charleroi
Happy Toucan
Happy Coke
Happy Nebi
Adams Southwold
Asahi Super Dry
Hofbrau Dunkel
3 Ipa Ranges
BBC Cajica Honey


Gin, Rum, Vodka and many other varieties. A good drink will always be present to celebrate and accompany memorable moments and for this, on our shelves you will find a careful selection of drinks according to your taste.

Gin The London

Reyka Vodka

Rum Sailor Jerry

Hendrick's Gin

Diplomático Reserve Rum

Diplomático Rum Exclusive Reserve

Beefeater 24


Rum the Sorceress

Vigne Floraison

Citadel Gin

Rum Santa Teresa 1972

gin mare

Vodka Russian Standard

Master's London Dry Gin

Mom Gin

Gin Tanqueray Ten

Ketel One Vodka

Vodka Finland

Rum Botran 15 Reserve

Barceló Imperial Rum

Pampero Anniversary

Vodka Russian Standard

Master's London Dry Gin

Mom Gin

Gin Tanqueray Ten



Coke Zero



perrier water

VCH Mineral Water

Mediterranean Tonic Water


Indian Premium Tonic Water

Ginger Premium Ale Fever Tree

Ginger Premium Beer Fever Tree

Keynote 1724

Birth Water

Saint Peregrine Water

Aqua Panna

Sicilian Lemon

Arianciata San Pellegrino

Arianciata Rosa San Pellegrino

Limonata San Pellegrino

Sierra Cold Sparkling Water

VOSS Water 375ml

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