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From our house sauces to imported products, we have everything you need to enhance the flavor of your meals and give them that special touch.


Oh Maria! Artisanal Hot Sauce

Creole Red Codi

Thai Code

Habanero Codi

BBQ Chipotle Code

Creole Green Codi

Gulden's Mustard

Guabanero Codi

Creole Yellow Codi

Jalapeno Panela Codi

Gooseberry Panela Codi

Waiya Codi

Guerande Salt with Truffle

Amazon Habanero Sauce


Kewpie Mayonnaise

Cholula Original Chili Sauce

Old Maille Mustard

Heinz Mustard

Paprika Sauce


Ketchup Heinz


BBQ Tradition

BBQ Chipotle

BBQ Guava

Dijon Mustard with Black Truffle

Truffle paste

Truffle Sauce

Summer Truffle Carpaccio

Standard Porcini

Forest Mix

Block of Foie Gras

Honey with Truffle

AAA eggs

pink berry

Kampot Red Pepper

Penja White Pepper

Wild Black Pepper from Madagascar


smoked paprika

Madagascar Green Pepper

Balsamic Vinegar 24 months

Sherry vinager

Apple vinager

Rooster Olive Oil

Gallo Reserve Olive Oil

White Truffle Aroma Olive Oil

Black Truffle Aruma Olive Oil

Santa Vitoria Oil 

Rosemary Olive Oil


The traditional BBQ sauce with a milder flavor and a little sweet touch.


A little stronger with the distinctive chipotle flavor that makes its flavor particular and always memorable.


With the flavor of guava we make this sauce a special accompaniment for all kinds of meals.

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